Three Digital Marketing Tips For New Businesses

As the internet has become a popular tool for businesses, digital marketing has become one of the most important areas of focus. According to Word Stream, 63% of businesses have increased their digital marketing budgets in the last year. Let’s look at some digital marketing tips business owners should know.


1. Figure Out Who Your Customers Are

Finding your customers is one of the most important parts of digital marketing. Once you know who your customers are, you can communicate more effectively. If you are not communicating to the right customer base, you will not see the same business development as you’re hoping for.

Once you have found your customer base, you can create plans that are better suited for those people. Instead of casting a wide net and trying to attract a lot of different people, you will know exactly what you need to do.

We love getting to know people and building personas for businesses. It all starts with getting to know who you are, what you stand for, what keeps you up at night, and why in the world are you starting a new business? We enjoy research and positive analytics, so making sure the right message reaches the right person is our goal. Let us help you target the right audience for your product or service.


2. SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it refers to optimizing websites to rank higher in the search engine. Since this is one of the main ways people discover content, ranking higher will lead to a traffic increase to your site.

There are many ways to boost a website’s SEO, with most of them centered on using keywords. Keywords are the different words that are associated with the business. The use of these words in and around the website will help it rank higher on Google. 

Our team has extensive experience in SEO. Our process includes gathering information about your needs and goals, auditing your current strategy and digital presence, researching based on the data we’ve gathered, creating a plan of action, make sure the right people are in the right seats (analysts, writers, designers, etc.), then implement, monitor, and adjust as necessary. 

There is a lot that goes into a successful program, which is also a living program that needs to be nurtured as such. So don’t stress out about the online stuff when you have other stuff to take care of in your business.


3. Mobile Websites

With smartphones being as prevalent as they are, businesses must now make sure that their websites support the use of mobile devices. This means that the website should not only look good for customers who access it on computers, but it should also look good on mobile devices.

There are many web systems you can use to help with the design of the website. You may also opt to use the help of a company like ours to figure out the best course of action. Our team has experience building mobile compatible websites in several platforms like Squarespace, Weebly, Wix and WordPress.

There are many ways to make your digital marketing efforts more efficient. Remember this article next time you are making changes. If you have any questions, please send us a message and we would be happy to speak with you!