Our goal is to build bridges within our communities. We want to help make sure that whoever is searching for whatever gets what they need when they need it. An accurate, updated, and thorough Google Business Profile is essential in connecting the locals to the right products and services when and where they need it.  


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Answers to Your Questions

What is Google Business Profile?

Previously known as Google My Business, Google Business Profile is a tool to help businesses manage their online presence across Google platforms such as Search and Maps.

Does Google Business Profile cost anything?

No. It’s easy to setup and easy to manage. The cost to you is your time. Can you afford the time to setup and maintain the platform, as well as interact with customers and potential customers while running the rest of your business?

Why should I care about my Google Business Profile?

A customer’s first interaction with a business is often through a search. For local customers looking for a local product and service, ensuring that your search and map presence is accurate, up to date, thorough, and visually pleasing, is key to making a good first impression. 

Do you reply to reviews and messages?

Not at this time. We have packages that provide weekly review, message and phone call monitoring to keep you informed about how customers and potential customers are interacting with your business. We encourage you to reply and respond to messages and reviews because it helps build trust. 

How does Google Business Profile help with search engine optimization? 

Because there are so many searches on Google, claiming as much Google real estate as possible will increase your odds at being more visible. Local listings are a ranking factor and Google Business Profile has ranking factors like relevance and proximity. GBP is an excellent tool to get better insights into customer data and how people interact with your business.

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